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The Institute for Enterprise Issues founded in 1992, is a full service certified public accounting and consulting company offering a full range of comprehensive legal, audit, valuation, financial and other high quality consulting services, market and industry studies. 

The detailed knowledge of local and industry issues and trends, the value-creating activities of IEI had been properly evaluated by the business community. According to leading business magazines’ industry ratings, IEI is No. 1 among consulting companies in St. Petersburg and North-Western Russia since 1997. Of all Russian consulting companies outside Moscow, IEI is the leader of the market. The major and competitive benefit of IEI is the availability of specific expertise from a multi-disciplinary team of more than 300 locally qualified professional employees that provide a greater depth of consideration in valuation, auditing, accounting, legal and financial analysis, tax counseling and marketing. This broad-based perspective is hard to find elsewhere.

The dynamic and highly competitive professionals of IEI with past carriers in government, banking, finance, university teaching, Russian and Western consulting companies possess the in-depth knowledge of the local market, extensive experience and qualifications, insight and creative judgment needed to provide wide variety of business-related professional services.

Auditors are able to provide audit and assurance services in accordance with Russian statutory audit standards or International Standards on Auditing.

IFRS department specialists are able to set up IFRS reporting, train personnel and audit IFRS and US GAAP financial reports.

Tax advisors are able to optimize both corporate and personal taxes.

Valuation department experts are able to estimate the value of business or real estate for sale/acquisition, restructuring, financing, joint venture, litigation, governance or statutory purposes, legal disputes and development decisions.

Finance specialists are able to provide business planning and restructuring consulting, as well as structuring finance deals, incl. IPO’s and CLN’s.

Legal department experts are able to provide development of a legal structure of a business, due diligence, court of justice, arbitration tribunal, and legal support for investment activities as well as initial foundation of a company.

IEI have provided sophisticated legal and accounting advice and services to many of the national most dynamic and successful companies. Since 2004, IEI is a member of the worldwide network of independent accountants “Kreston International”. Since 2003 IEI is accredited as Gold Approved Employer by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Since 2005 IEI is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce – the World Business Organization.

With head office in St. Petersburg and office in Moscow, IEI serve its clients all over the country and in various fields — dealing with Siberian energy giants and federal properties in Moscow, major retailers, telecoms, real estate, construction, industry and high-tech.

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