Financial and management consulting

Strategy and strategic management:

  • design of a developmental strategy (strategic positioning);
  • design of strategic plans (strategic planning);
  • development of restructuring plans for companies/groups, including projects for reforming non-core activities; 
  • development and implementation of strategy aimed at company management systems using BSC methodology (Balanced Scorecard). 

Economic and financial management:

  • analysis and development of recommendations to increase the efficiency of financial and economic activity;
  • development and implementation budgeting system setup;
  • development and implementation of management accounting system;
  • development of cost management system.  

Organizational and process design:

  • management system audit;
  • description and optimization of business processes;
  • development and optimization of organizational management structure;
  • development of regulating documentation;
  • development of staff motivation systems, including KPI-based (key performance indicator) systems.

Investment and financial consulting:

  • optimization of investment process management;
  • development (expert examination) of feasibility studies and business plans for investment projects;
  • development of recommendations on the ways and structure of financing projects;
  • assistance in searching for potential investors;
  • project support at all stages of the investment process;
  • due diligence execution (complex examination of a subject company's financial, legal, organizational and management aspects);
  • consulting support of mergers and acquisitions;
  • development of programs to increase the investment appeal of a business;
  • assistance in preparing to access capital markets.


Eugene Bogdanov
Eugene Bogdanov
Head of Financial and Management Consulting Department
(812) 703-43-18 phone for communication