Commercial and Corporate Law

Due diligence

  • expert examination of documents concerning their compliance with current law, as well as the client's interests;
  • legal analysis of commercial risks;
  • analysis of the validity of a third party's claim to property;
  • intellectual property audit in order to reveal potential risks of a breach of law;
  • legal audit of corporate documents.

Legal analysis of transactions and documents; preparation of expert reports concerning business projects and documents:

  • expert examination of agreements and documents to determine their compliance with current legislation and the client's interests;
  • expert examination of the legality of transactions (including transactions with shares of joint-stock companies and allotment of company stakes in limited liability companies) and the method for completing such transactions;
  • analysis of policies and decisions made by governmental bodies as concerns their legality and/or justification;
  • analysis of judicial practice and law enforcement decisions connected with the completion of particular transactions and/or the effectiveness of specific documents.

Protection of property rights:

  • developing strategies for legal protection of property rights, including opposition strategies against third parties' control over a client's property;
  • implementation of a system of measures for protecting the client's property from infringement of third parties.

Integrated legal support of the client's business:

  • legal support of the client's current commercial activity;
  • consulting and preparation of legal decisions on a variety of issues in commercial, civil, administrative and corporate law;
  • development of contractual relationships within holding companies and drafts of contracts within this system;
  • corporate consulting.

Representation of the client's interests:

  • in negotiations with business partners;
  • in governmental and legal entities;
  • in arbitration court and general courts.

Court representation:

  • development of protection strategies;
  • compiling and filing statements of claims and appeals;
  • appeal of decisions (or negligence) of officials and/or governmental bodies;
  • pleas concerning appeals;
  • compilation of references, addendum, petitions, claims, observations;
  • participation in judicial procedures.
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