Tax law

Tax audit

  • independent audit of tax and book-keeping records of organizations and inpidual entrepreneurs to reveal tax risks;
  • using the audit results, recommendations are developed on tax liabilities, taking into account the organization's specifics;
  • analysis of contracts and agreements of checked organizations.

Consolidation of tax and book-keeping records of organizations and inpidual entepreneurs in line with current legislation for minimizing tax risks

Tax planning

Pre-judicial regulation of disputes with tax authorities:

  • protection of the interests of organizations and inpidual entrepreneurs when implementing tax inspections procedures;
  • preparation of appeals to tax audit reports;
  • appeal against the decisions of tax authorities prior to enforcement;
  • appeal against decisions of tax authorities which take effect in a higher tax authority.

Protection of the interests and representation of organizations and inpidual entepreneurs in courts of all instances for cases of any level of difficulty:

  •  appeal of nonstandard legal acts, decisions and actions/non-actions of tax authorities and officials in cort.

Taxation consultation within the framework of contracts for consultation services.

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