Real estate and investment

Legal security of a client's investment activity:

  • implementation of legal audit of investment documentation (due diligence);
  • classification of investment assets with regard to given restrictions (border law, water and land codes etc.);
  • development and documentary provision of investment schemes;
    • accompanying the process of buying rights to «turn-key» investment site;
    • arranging agreement of the relationship between investment process participants (builder-customer-investor/interest-holder-contractor);
    • legal support of contractor relationship between building participants;
  • defense of breached rights of investment activity participants;
  • help at forming a legal position in pre-court order;
  • legal defense.

Legal status regulation of real estate property:

  • technical and legal advice on primary and secondary registration of the rights for real estate and agreements;
  • standardization of the activity of the company's departments in real estate issues in accordance with current law.

Advisory services for real estate operations:

  • organizing the purchase/sale of the client's real estate;
  • privatization procedure accompaniment (companies, real estate, land);
  • follow-up on preparing purchases and changing the status and rights to “turn-key” real estate:
    • expert examination of real estate and land-ownership documents;
    • assistance at defining a negotiating position on the stage of real estate purchases/rights.
    • state registration of property rights (contracts).

Consulting services for management of land resources:

  • analysis of the legal regime of land use;
  • development of the procedure for legalization and legal support of rights for the land purchasing process;
  • implementation of land surveys, legal support for obtaining a cadastral number for the land;
  • assistance at changing the permitted usage of land.

Public property management consulting services:

  • establishment and assistance with implementation of procedures for attracting private capital investments;
  • follow-up on activities of state enterprises and institutions;
  • execution and re-execution of technical and legal documents for property complexes of companies, buildings and constructions;
  • legal defense of a client from actions/non-actions, as well as non-normative acts issued by state bodies.
Irina Moshnyakova
Irina Moshnyakova
Head of Real Estate and Investments Department
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