Labor law

Improvement of human resources policy:

  • auditing of a set of documents regulating human resources relationships within the company;
  • development and implementation of local standard acts;
  • development of documents necessary for reducing the number of employees or full-time staff;
  • development of a legal strategy for personnel interaction under reorganization (mergers, separation, allocation, joining, reform);
  • optimization of procedures for firing employees.

Conflict prevention:

  • development of a concept of cooperation in the employer's administration between employees and trade unions;
  • development of strategies to negotiate with trade unions participating in the regulation of social and working relationships in the Company, including developing better working relations between the Board of Directors and employee representatives.

Resolution of staff and individual working disputes:

  • development of a strategy for solving employment disputes;
  • representation of the employer's needs and interests in negotiations with employees and trade union bodies as well as, if necessary, with governmental bodies concerning the regulation of work disputes;
  • representation of the employer's interests in adjudication by a conciliation commission with the help of a mediator or in labor arbitrage court;
  • representation of the employer's interests in all arbitration courts, general courts, state labor inspectorates, regional agencies of Rostrud (the Russian Labour Ministry), Office of the Public Prosecutor, executive offices of the Russian Federation for labour and employment in the settlement of work disputes (including obtaining of a decision declaring a strike illegal);
  • preparation of written legal opinion concerning labor disputes.
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Inna Konovalova
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