Property Valuation

Property Valuation Department

The basic services offered by the Property Valuation Development include:

  • valuation of non-current assets under IFRS;
  • valuation of the market value of fixed assets under Russian standards of financial reporting;
  • asset valuation for company reorganization, M&A;
  • valuation of large-scale asset complexes and production lines for credit financing purposes;
  • valuation of production assets to estimate operation factors based on the method of investment capital profitability. 

The department’s specialists offer both high-quality valuation services, and consult clients on related issues, thereby gaining client recognition of their professional competence.

The department has significant work experience in the electric power industry. We have been in charge of valuating the capital assets of Russia’s largest energy companies many times.

Egor Shablya
Egor Shablya
Deputy Head of the Valuation Department